There's no limit to the lengths people will go to lose weight. Crash diets, drugs, and surgery are commonly thrown around as surefire ways to lose weight quickly and achieve ultimate happiness. That said, we see story after story of people realizing that quick fixes and cheats might yield visual results, but internally the unhappiness still festers. 

Stacey Morris was at the end of her rope when it came to living a healthy life. She decided to love herself in spite of the names she would be called or how people would look at her 345-pound frame. After losing large amounts of weight in the past only to ultimately regain it all back, she was done caring about what other people thought. Then one day, an episode of Oprah changed Stacey's life forever. In an interview with Carnie Wilson, Oprah asks the former overweight pop singer of Wilson Phillips, what happened that turned her life around. Stacey was all ears.

It turns out Carnie met a man named Dallas Page who, along with teaching her how to eat and exercise properly, forced her to answer the question of what it was she really wanted in life. Carnie Wilson didn't just want to be healthy, she felt she deserved to be healthy, and that is what drove Stacey to seek Mr. Page's guidance.

Diamond Dallas Page is a former professional wrestler who now spends his time and energy transforming people by not only changing their outer appearance, but also by altering who they perceive themselves to be on the inside. Stacey is living proof that you don't have to go through the journey alone, and that if you are guided correctly, you can find true happiness and meaning in your life. I definitely love seeing how healthy she looks now, but hearing how healthy she feels is what makes me the most proud of her. What do you think of Stacey's transformation? Let us know. We'd love to read your thoughts on this powerful story.